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we will start with you. Boys / Girls both can join. Come join us and we will also help you to start your own business by guiding you after completing of your course.

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  • Garments Supply Domestically

International Mongers is going to launch their own garment manufacturing section for both male & female.



  • Biofloc Farming -

It is an innovative and cost-effective technology in which toxic materials to the fish and shellfish such as Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia can be converted to useful product, ie., proteinaceous feed. It is the technology used in aquaculture system with limited or zero water exchange under high stocking density, strong aeration and biota formed by biofloc.The culture of biofloc will be productive in the case of culture tanks exposed to sun.

Very soon company also going to start their own farming..




  •  Food & Dishes-

We are fortunate about the establishment of this service. But for the company's privacy policy, for now, we can't disclose the total description.

but we can only tell you that, this will be going to be the first a unique startup (unique by its choice of food material).