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One of the best services we are providing and also dealing with is import-export. We also dealing with domestic buyers.


Currently the products we are dealing with -


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We serve in middle-east countries as well as in Bangladesh. Our Domestic lines are also active in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and many more places


If anyone needs any specific product for resale or anyone wants to export their products through us then you guys are welcome.

We understand the struggle and feelings of an entrepreneur, Don't worry guys we are here to help you at a very negotiable price.

Feel free to connect with us.

New Product - New Destination ( domestic/foreign in terms of export ) are always welcome


We also provide multiple services like -


  • License Provider
  • Project Handling
  • Buyer Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Purchase
  • Transportation


We also provide a consultant for perfect export-import dealing and strategies.

New to export no worries... we are here to help you, just contact us...


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