Our Approach

Though we are a group of Business, our basic & main unique startup is " Website based merchandise export "

Considering the needs and crises of people we just want to serve the best which can satisfy both the vehicle owners as well as the customers.

3cares is not just a name it is a brand for those who, want to be an entrepreneur by hard- work/uniqueness/struggle/strategies and lastly lust for the day when dreams come true.

Our Story

3cares is a sister concern of

" International Mongers "

We dreamed a common dream, a dream of success by walking on the path of our own passion.

There is an old say, "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work " so does we keep trying & trying of that.

Though pillar's of 3cares  belongs from different background/work profile/thinking, we had a common dream the dream which leads us to our common destination i.e success and an instinct which always wants to do something for the nation and the common people.

and today we are ready by providing you 3cares, it is not only s business hub it's an emotion.

we just want your support/love for becoming more successful and motivated.

Company Personnel

Pritam Das, Managing Director

Pritam Das

Founder & Owner