Our Vision -

Kolkata "the city of joy", our motherland and we are proud to announce that as a business hub we already introduced our services in Kolkata, India &  Now our services are open for Thailand as well as Globally. Generally, our vision is to provide these services easier and prompt for people of Kolkata.

3cares corporate with International Mongers . Where as , International Mongers is a independent company which deals in Import-Export.

Additional to this , International Mongers takes care of all the export criteria of 3cares.

Nowadays we cannot think about our daily life without digital support, Comparatively all things (from ordering food to booking a beautician for makeup) accept particularly this few quality services are not so well designed as well as not so well presentable, for which peoples who are suffering from such problems and need this kind of services but they cannot access this services happily, considering this we decide to provide this services in one platform for quick easy, reliable solutions.

" providing quality services smoothly and satisfaction of customers " is our main moto. We just want your support & love...thanks for visit us..